Silver Eagle Games is the newest venture in a decades long relationship between our family and the gaming industry. It was founded originally in 1994 as Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies by Shari and Jacob Kovel as retailers for a pair of UK miniatures manufacturers looking to make their mark on the US market. The main focus centered around historical miniatures and all the accessories that go with them. Over the years, our focus expanded to include collectible card games and traditional board games, as well as a wide variety of tabletop games. Sales were based mainly through mail order and Internet and gaming conventions.

The next generation of gamers was born. Dan and his siblings, Josh and Hannah, are all avid gamers with diverse interests that include Warhammer 40K, D&D, Pokemon and more so the next step was clear: expand into brick and mortar and thus Silver Eagle Games was born. It is our hope to bring lots of gaming opportunities to the Farmington Valley and provide a fun and safe place for gamers of all ages and interests. Dan will be running SEG on a day to day basis while Jacob retains SEWS via Internet sales and gaming conventions. No matter where your gaming interests lie, the Kovel family is here to help.